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I like you. I adore you. I love you.
And I really wanna thank you.

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My Awesomest Babe :)
Saturday, July 27, 2013 | 0 comments

After a while of not updating, I'm approaching this dusty blog *lap habuk* to wish my dearie best friend Nia Syuraina a very glorious Happy 19th Birthday. Kalau mengikut waktu Korea sekarang, you are already 19 kayy. My eyes are getting heavy, and I could practically hear my bed calling me to dump my tired body over 'em. So, I'm gonna wish you a little bit early that I should.

She's a good friend. Nahh, a great one indeed. She's funny, caring, adorable, lovely, sensitive, crazy, hyper, awesome - and ugh, too many adjectives - friend of mine. She knows me inside and out. She is and will always be a decent company. Every time I need her, to spill all of my worries and problems, she is always there. I can totally open up to her, telling her stories and secrets. In other word, I have my trust on her.

Things happened lately. Bad things. I frequently got sad and moody and teary almost every night, thinking about those stuffs. That one day, we chatted. I told her everything. About how I was feeling. About how the current situations affecting me. Nia did her job well on comforting me. I'm grateful to have a friend, a sister like her then.

She is comfortable, tho. I can act totally like an idiot when I'm with her. Mostly because she wouldn't let me be an idiot on my own. Hehe. We had done the craziest things together. We talked, we laughed, we joked, we cried. We've done all that together. And I'm so relief. I'm thankful as well. Cause I met her.

Aish. Too many things to say, I mean, to write. But I'm super sleepy. Believe me. My bed, my pillow, my fluffy comforter and even my Dubu are calling me to sleep now.

Final words, Nia Syuraina, I wanna thank you, really, really thank you for accepting me as a friend. After all things happened, during our high school years, you still willingly to be a friend of mine. Thanks for lending your shoulder, your ears when I'm in need of a company. Thanks for wanting to dance with me when I'm bored and my legs suddenly want to move ecstatically. Hehe. Thanks for all those happy times of us shopping at mall, gossiping about guys, commenting other person fashion, eat but didn't finish them. And all. So banyak la. Haha. I love you, so much. You're the greatest sister I've ever had (along side with Najwa, and Bynah and Tiqah). You're the coolest babe of mine. Again, HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAAAAAY :D

p/s : Abe Gedik saya request saya tolong wish kan birthday awak. He has no internet connection, so he asked me to wish you on his behalf. Hee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY then :3
Friday, May 17, 2013 | 0 comments

I was so selfish. I'm so sorry.

His efforts was so cute. Haha. I was over-thinking, again, and made him feel bad. Sorry. I really am. I love you.